About Us

We Turn Your Oil Waste Into Profit

A few years back, our petroleum engineers set out to remove the burden of having to deal with oily sludge. Today, our Zoom Petro equipment eliminates oil waste right where it is produced and turns risk into profit. Every day, like clockwork.

How It All Started

In the past, when drilling in a remote area, you were always faced with the same problem:

How to dispose of the ever-accumulating oily-sludge from oil-based drilling mud and other hazardous oil waste?

To comply with environmental lays, you had to move the oil-contaminated soil and drill cuttings to a hazardous waste site or centralized treatment unit.

Either way, you had to pay for it.

So, in 2015, a group of engineers at Southwest Petroleum University set out to solve this problem once and for all.

The result was Zoom Petro ITDU, built from the ground up with these key advantages:

  • Mobile-first design for easy operation in remote areas
  • Predictable output, regardless of the type of oil waste.

If you know Lego, you know how it works. The containerized modules can be quickly moved to any region and set up within 3 days.

Moreover, unlike other oil sludge recovery technologies, Zoom Petro ITDU doesn't depend on often unreliable treatment chemicals.

Turn Risk Into Profit

In fact, our system doesn't use any additives at all. This makes its operation exceptionally predictable: If it works in the lab, it works in the field.

Now, all oil waste is dealt with right where it is produced.

And where there is no oil waste anymore, adhering to environmental regulations becomes a breeze.

Even better:

Not only do you save disposal costs by turning hazardous oily waste into non-toxic solids, oil, and water.

At the same time, you return a sizable profit from the recovered hydrocarbons.

Every day, like clockwork.

Grows With Your Needs

While Zoom Petro ITDU is remote-first, the system is by no means limited to small waste quantities.

On the contrary, thanks to its modular construction, the treatment volume can be expanded as your drilling operations expand.

In other words: It grows with your needs.

Everything Under One Roof

We offer oil waste removal as a service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The advantage for you:

Our team of specialists takes care of everything from setting up the equipment to recovering the last drop of oil.

Our partner Sinopec did just that:

They started out with just one well, before expanding their oil-based drilling mud remediation project to more and more wells using Zoom Petro ITDU.

Your Personal Contact

When you contact us, I will be there for you for from day one.

My name is Stefan Rohlfing, and I'm leading the Zoom Petro brand's marketing team.

Originally from Germany, I've been living and working in the China for 20 years. My specialties are Chinese drilling equipment, oil waste recovery systems, and eyewear manufacturing.

For more information, feel free to visit my personal LinkedIn page.