Mobile drillig rig in Costa Rica with Rainbow

Zoom Petro

Turn Oil Waste Into Profit

Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

The Zoom Petro ITDU system reliably separates drilling and refinery waste like oil-based drilling mud, tank bottoms, and PHC-contaminated soils into clean oil, water, and solids—without using any treatment chemicals.

No More Bad Surprises

Traditional oil recovery systems using heat and centrifuge technology, also known as "soil washing", heavily rely on the constant addition of tightly controlled treatment chemicals to meet their treatment objectives.

Zoom Petro ITDU operates without additives, making your remediation projects truly predictable. Instead of bad surprises from off-spec effluents, Zoom Petro turns risk into profit. Every day, like clockwork.

This is why Sinopec, China's petroleum giant, has partnered with Zoom Petro to treat their oil waste.

Just Works

Proven higher purity of effluents. No treatment chemicals needed. No waste of precious water.

Saves Time

Containerized module system for easy transportation and fast installation. Fully automated cleaning process ensures minimizes maintenance.

Saves Money

Save discharge costs by turning contaminated oily waste into pure oil, water, and solids. Sell recovered hydrocarbons for profit or reuse them.


As a contractor of CNPC, our equipment has been successfully operated to eliminate drilling waste and meet environmental requirements.