Service Provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer

Unique Tank Cleaning & Oil Recovery Services

You want to employ automatic tank cleaning without the upfront costs? All you need is a sizable project, and we will provide our equipment and know-how. You save money on the initial investment, and earn money on every project at the same time. Find out all details below.

As an equipment manufacturer and service provider, we provide tank cleaning and oil recovery services under one roof.

Worldwide Services

At Zaopin Technologies we conduct non-man entry tank cleaning and oil recovery services worldwide using our own technology. Whether you participate in a tank cleaning tender or plan to streamline your own desludging or SOR services, we provide the equipment and specialists to achieve your goals.

Everything Under One Roof

We design and manufacture our own equipment, allowing us to provide highly integrated tank cleaning and SOR services at much reduced costs.

This also means that there is only a single point of responsibility: Every aspect of a project falls under our responsibility, whether it relates to our services or the equipment. This way you always know who is in charge and can be sure any issue is dealt with quickly.

Another advantage of being the original equipment manufacturer is our ability to customize all parts of the equipment to your requirements. For instance, if there is no electricity or steam available on-site, we will just add a modular diesel generator or steam boiler to be plugged into the existing equipment.

Likewise, our knowledge of the equipment ensures proper maintenance and the constant availability of spare parts eliminate the risks of technical delays.

Currently, our portfolio of automated, modular tank cleaning and oil recovery systems includes the following equipment:

Professional Cleaning Team

Our oil-recovery service crews excel at what they do, forming well-coordinated teams. Safety and efficiency are of most importance and reflect in the composition of each crew.

For example:
The cleaning team of our crude tank cleaning system (Zaopin COW) comprises a health and safety (HSE) engineer, a mechanical engineer who is responsible for the operation of the system, as well as several trained personnel to assist in the cleaning process.

If requested, or required by local law, part or all of the tank cleaning crew can be employed locally. In this case we will train all personnel and supervise the operations to make sure everything is up to standard.

Tank Cleaning + Oil Separation

Compared to manual tank cleaning, we clean crude oil and oil product tanks in a fraction of the time. The resulting short tank downtime alone is a major cost-saving factor.

Even better:
As the the market value of the recovered oil exceeds the cost of cleaning, your oil tanks are literally cleaned for free. This is even more true as we build our own equipment, which gives us a cost advantage over other service providers.

Slop Oil Recovery

Our SOR system reclaims close to 100% of hydrocarbons from refinery waste in a highly automated process. Waste oils we treat include:

  • Oil sludge from manual tank cleaning
  • Secondary oils returned from petroleum refining processes.

Just like our tank desludging services, the large amount of valuable hydrocarbons we recover ensures that you will make a profit. Likewise, by turning toxic oil waste into harmless solids you save a significant amount on disposal costs.

Profitable Cooperation

Besides providing our mechanized tank cleaning and oil recovery services on a project basis, we also establish trustful partnerships with local companies.

Specifically, this means that by forming a joint-venture with your company, both parties will operate the market together and share all profits. Also, this joint-venture is the sole entity through which we will conduct our services in your country.

What we bring to the table is our next generation oil recovery technology and extensive tank cleaning expertise that ensure projects are carried out at highest standards. On the other hand, your company is ideally well-connected locally and has successfully secured projects at refineries or oil companies in the past.

Unique Advantages

With Zaopin Technologies you get both the services and technology from a single source. Our one-stop shop solution brings you a host of advantages:

Service Provided by The Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • Single point of responsibility minimizes risks
  • Proper Maintenance guaranteed
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts
  • Easy customization to meet your local requirements

Cost Efficient

  • Large profit from recovered oil, exceeding the cost of cleaning.
  • Reduced tank downtime thanks to our fast, automated cleaning process.
  • Minimized disposal costs thanks to much reduced disposable waste.
  • More profit per tank by fully restoring the tank capacity.

Safe Operation

  • Non-man entry: No personnel enters the tank at any time.
  • Fully automatic tank cleaning and oil recovery eliminates points of failure.
  • Inert gas system with constant monitoring of explosive gases (LEL).
  • Construction and installation to ATEX 95 (ATEX 114)
  • Operation in accordance with ATEX 137.