100% Oil Recovery from The Sludge

Oil Product Tank Cleaning Systems

No more manual tank cleaning. Our automated cleaning system completely removes all sludge from any oil product tank in 80% less time, reclaiming near to 100% of hydrocarbons. You will save money from reduced tank downtime and earn money from marketable white oil at the same time. Find out all details below.

Installation on a fixed roof storage tank
1-3D Washing jets (floating roof tanks use manhole cannons mounted to a side manway), 2-Product oil tank, 3-Pumping station, 4-Nitrogen generation module & control unit, 5-Oil/Water/Solids separation module, 6-Points of rotation, 7-Washing medium (water), 8Bottom sludge

Our Equipment

Zaopin Technologies PTC is a fully automatic tank cleaning system, specifically designed for storage tanks of refined hydrocarbons, such as gasoline, kerosene, bunker fuel and others. Complete with nitrogen generation module, washing module, and separation module.

Due to a fully automated washing process, no personnel enters the tank at any time, making the ZP PTC a completely safe no-man-entry tank cleaning system. A closed loop washing and separation system enables 100% oil recovery at refinery quality.

Wide Range of Application

The Zapin PTC cleaning system is suitable for both floating and fixed roof oil product tanks of up to 52 m in diameter:

  • Tank type: Floating or fixed roof
  • Tank volume: 500 m3 - 20,000 m3
  • Tank diameter: ≤52 m
  • Storage medium: Refined hydrocarbons (white oil)

Technical Parameters

Description Parameter
Working flow 30 m3/h
Working pressure 10 bar
Working power 440 V/60 Hz
Total power consumption <60 kW
Nitrogen production capacity 100 m3/h
Wastewater treatment capacity 2 m3/h
Cleaning medium Water
Modules Three (3) 20' containers
(LxWxH = 4,500 mm x 2,300 mm x 2,500 mm)

Modular Design

In order to maximize portability, the ZP PTC product tank cleaning was designed to fit the size of only three 20' standard containers. Each container forms a separate module that is easily installed at even at inaccessible tank terminals.

Modular Design Advantages:

  • Extremely portable, fits on every truck.
  • Fast assembly and disassembly saves precious time
  • Small footprint

Only 3 Modules Needed

Module Container Consisting of...
Cleaning & Separation module Pumping station
Cleaning cannons and nozzles
Oil/water separation and treatment unit
Nitrogen generation & Control module Nitrogen generation unit to make the interior of the tank inert.
Control room for monitoring and recording the washing process.
Water storage module Water tank that stores the washing medium after treatment for easy discharge at a different location.

100% Oil Recovery

The ZP PTC system recovers up to 100% of the oil inside the tank as marketable product. After initial oil/water separation, the oil phase is further treated in a sophisticated separation and filtration process that integrates C&C-2 reverse membrane technology.

With a filtration accuracy of <10µm, this cleaning step not only removes residual free water and emulsified water from the oil, but also filters out most suspended solid particles and microparticles. The filter handles even large amounts of solids without getting clogged.

Effluent oil parameters:

  • Emulsified water content: <100 ppm
  • Free water content: < 50 ppm
  • Particle count: NAS class 4 - NAS class 9

100% Water Reuse

About 5,000 to 10,000 liters of water are used inside a closed-loop during the cleaning of an oil product tank, and we make sure that it leaves the system as pure as possible.

For this reason, after a pre-treatment step, all wastewater is further purified via C&C-2 reverse membrane filtration.

With a treatment capacity of up to 2 m3/h, this wastewater treatment system reliably removes oil molecules and other impurities, resulting in clean effluent water that is safe for discharge.

Effluent water parameters:

  • PH: 6~9
  • Oil content: 5mg/L
  • COD: ≤100mg/L
  • Suspended solids: ≤70mg/L

Competitive Advantages

The Zaopin PLC automated cleaning system offers a wide range of advantages over manual oil product tank cleaning methods.

Suitable for all Oil Product Storage Tank

  • Floating and fixed roof tanks, including old riveted tanks.
  • Product tanks containing refined hydrocarbons such as gasoline, and kerosine
  • Product tanks with a volume of 500 m3 - to 20,000 m3
  • Product tanks with a diameter of up to 52 m.

Safe Operation

  • non-man entry system: No personnel is inside the tank during any cleaning operation.
  • Fully automatic cleaning system for maximum safety & efficiency.
  • Minimally invasive, damage free installation. No cold-tapping required.
  • Video-monitored
  • Inert gas system with constant monitoring of explosive gases (LEL).
  • Construction and installation to ATEX 114 (former ATEX 95).
  • Operation in accordance with ATEX 137.


  • Up to 100% recovery of free and emulsified oil at refinery quality.
  • Containerized module system for fast installation.
  • Streamlined cleaning and separation system reduces tank downtime.
  • Complete removal of any deposits to fully restore the original state of the tank.
  • Nitrogen generator included: Produce cheap nitrogen as needed. No dependence on external gas providers.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Closed-loop cleaning system for emission-free operation.
  • Sophisticated wastewater treatment.
  • Low energy consumption

How long Does It Take?

Using the automatic ZP PTC tank washing system, any oil product tank - regardless of its type or size - can be fully cleaned within 2 days (48 hours) or less:

Process Step Duration
Installation 6 hours
Tank blanketing 18 hours
Tank cleaning 6 hours
Ventilation & final inspection 18 hours
Total 48 hours

Oil Product Tank Cleaning Services

We conduct oil product tank cleaning services worldwide using our own PTC system. Due to the short tank downtime and 100% oil recovery, our tank cleaning services are highly cost-efficient. In fact, you actually make a profit, as the value of the reclaimed product exceeds the cost of cleaning.

Oil Product Tank Cleaning Services