Zaopin Technologies

Est. 2011
Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning & Oil Recovery Systems

Zaopin Technologies (ZP Tec) specializes in automatic tank cleaning systems. Our equipment completely replaces manual tank cleaning and automatically recovers most hydrocarbons from the sludge. The result is less tank downtime, minimized disposal costs, and large amounts of oil for free.

Competitive Advantages

What Sets Us Apart

As a contractor of CNPC, our equipment has been successfully operated at their crude and oil product tank terminals for several years.

Easy to Use

Fully automated cleaning and oil separation system for maximum efficiency. Easy transport due to the use of modular components.


Short installation and cleaning times reduce costs. Separation and recovery of up to 99.5% hydrocarbons as marketable product.

Save Operation

Fully automated operation minimizes points of failure. Construction to ATEX 95 (ATEX 114), operation in accordance with ATEX 137.

Service Provider

Not only do we manufacture our own equipment, but also provide tank cleaning and oil recovery services for customers worldwide.

Environmentally Friendly

Closed­-loop cleaning system for emission-free operation. Clean separation of hydrocarbons turns toxic oil waste into valuable product.